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Get Your Friends for Your Indoor Running with Vingo

Pick up your phones and call your friends. It’s about time you hung out with them. And to make it even fun, you’re going on a running trip across the world.

That’s right. You are going on an adventurous trip across the world with your friends all the while you’re running on your treadmill. We’re talking about this brand-new phenomenon happening across the internet, Indoor running. All you need is your own treadmill and an amazing app called Vingo. Of course, more importantly you need to have friends to be able to call them. Or you can simply find new friends inside the world of Vingo.

Running Indoors Can be Fun

Before we go into how it works, let’s first see how running indoors can help you. It is a busy world we’re living in and we understand you don’t have enough time to exercise. That’s why it is better to exercise in your homes, right after you wake up in the morning.

You can cover a lot more miles using a treadmill than you could ever do on outdoor running. You won’t have to worry about congested parks or traffic or even the pollution outside. To make it even more interesting you can go on Online running. This is when you go online when running on a treadmill.

Use the Vingo App & Bring Your Friends

To go running online, you can use the Vingo app. It is enabled with the state-of-the-art Virtual Reality tech that will take you into a simulated world. Filled with hundreds of virtual locations, this app will turn your exercise into an adventure. These locations are designed from the real spots too, making your running trip a more realistic experience.

You can make it even more interesting by inviting your friends to join you. no matter where they might be in the world, you can join them through the app and go on a hiking trail across all your favourite destinations.

Form Online Communities, Clans & Groups

You can also form groups and communities within the app. These communities are based on your nature of work-outs and the locations. Therefore, you can find like-minded people there too. you can join them and team up with them. This Online running app is your gateway into a brand-new episode of your life.

Compete Against Others & Cooperate

Or, if you feel like it, you and your friends can challenge other groups to a work-out competition. A lot of people from across the world come online in the app every day. And all of them have one goal in particular. To get fit in the most fun way possible. You can assist them, by teaming up with them, or you can make them push their limits by becoming their fierce competition.

Enjoy Exercise Like Never Before

Vingo is also an indoor bike app, where you can connect it with your exercise bike too. You can go on cycling trips to your favourite spots. It has tons of cool features in it and you wouldn’t want to miss it.