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Ingesting Marijuana vs. Smoking-What Are the Health Benefits?

Decades ago, the only real cannabis products were pot brownies. However, edibles have experienced drastic changes over the years. You can now get various marijuana edibles from the many Medical Dispensaries. What’s more? Whatever your choice, you can get cannabis in the form of cakes, gummies, chocolate and many other forms. Ingesting marijuana is associated with numerous health perks. And this is more reason why many patients suffering from chronic infections prefer edibles than smoking marijuana.

Check out the benefits of ingesting cannabis:

  1. Cannabis is rich in antioxidants.

Cannabis contains high amounts of antioxidants, which shields your body against cancer, blood vessel disease and stress. Moreover, antioxidants also act as the body’s defense against free radicals. Whether raw or cooked, cannabis can supply your body with the much-needed antioxidants.

  1. Ingesting is healthier than smoking.

 Most people prefer smoking weed, but this is associated with various health hazards. Inhaling hot marijuana smoke can cause inflammation of your respiratory system.

Moreover, inhaling cannabis smoke leaves your lungs with more tar than a cigarette smoker. On the other hand, ingesting marijuana doesn’t introduce harmful carcinogens to your lungs. The psychoactive reaction of ingesting cannabis is different from smoking.

  1. A higher percentage of THC and Cannabinoids

When smoking marijuana, there’s a considerable loss of cannabinoids and THC resulting from the decomposition at high temperatures. But, with ingestion, you enjoy a higher percentage of the active ingredients into your body. It’s then evident that ingesting marijuana is healthier than smoking it. The only drawback is that ingestion is s costly option.

  1. Pain relief

 By ingesting marijuana, you experience a more intense and a fuller body compared to people who smoke it. If using cannabis for pain relief, cooking with marijuana products helps you neutralize the pain, and enjoy a more extended period of relief. In most cases, a high from cannabis oral ingestion may last approximately four to six hours.

  1. Nausea reduction

The key selling points of medical cannabis is its proven ability to reduce nausea and induce appetite. Marijuana is beneficial in the regulation of nausea and vomiting. The downside with edibles is that they take longer to produce the effects, and may not be useful for sudden bouts.

But, consuming marijuana when anticipating menstrual cramps or after chemotherapy can help deal with nausea and stomach pains. To get quality marijuana edibles, shop from the many accredited Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, to reap the health benefits.

  1. Cancer treatment

Medical marijuana is believed to be a potent anti-emetic which is a handy lifesaver for cancer patients on chemotherapy. As with other chronic infections, pain is a common dilemma, and cannabis is a powerful analgesic. For this reason, it’s useful for easing nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients. In some studies, scientists have since reported that THC slows down the growth of cancer cells and in some cases, death to certain types of cancer cells.

 Take home


Smoking is a common way of using medical marijuana. However, there are healthier and more effective methods of consuming cannabis and experiencing more benefits. The next time you go shopping from a medical cannabis store, ask about the different marijuana edibles, acquire a few to experience the associated benefits.