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Penis Enlargement Treatment – What You Need to Know

A vast majority of men have reported that they feel insecure about the size of their sexual organ. Many believe that the size of their penis is necessary for proper satisfaction in bed, and they feel that a below-average size will not be respected. Obviously, this constant insecurity weighs heavy on their minds, making it difficult for them to perform well in bed. As this insecurity continues to grow, many people end up making rash decisions.

For instance, you must have seen hundreds of ads online about companies marketing weird treatments and miracle pills that are designed to increase the size of a person’s penis overnight. If you fall prey to any of these offers or end up buying weird ointments and creams in the hope of increasing the size of your penis, you are making a big blunder. There’s no point in wasting your money on these miracle ointments and pills. Know that none of these really work. There is no way to miraculously increase the size of an appendage that’s attached to the body. However, that does not mean that you can’t do anything to satisfy your partner in bed and improve your confidence.

In fact, there are several clinics that offer penis enlargement treatment in Malaysia. If you want to increase the size of your penis, here are a few things that you need to know about this treatment.


There are a number of different things that you need to understand about the penis enlargement treatment process. Many clinics in Malaysia are now offering such treatments. When you first visit a doctor for treatment, they will begin by assessing your medical condition. The doctors will ask for your medical history in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for the treatment. Make sure that you provide accurate details to the doctor because you will be asked to sign an undertaking. This means that if there’s a reaction, the doctors won’t be held responsible. Once you have signed the undertaking, the doctors will schedule the treatment.

The Procedure

When you first visit the clinic for the procedure, the doctors will start by making you comfortable. Next, they will begin the treatment. The enlargement treatment involves injecting the shaft of the penis with dermal fillers. These dermal fillers are cosmetic enhancements that will settle along the sides of the penis. They are designed to increase the girth of the penis. A number of research surveys have shown that women feel that the girth of the penis plays a more important role in their satisfaction because the nerve endings lie around the vaginal walls.

Once the dermal fillers have been injected, the doctors will keep you at the hospital for a few hours. Afterwards, you will be allowed to return home. You will need to visit the clinic a few days later and all sexual activity will be prohibited for at least a week. This is important because it allows the dermal fillers time to settle in.