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Sport: The Best Dietary Supplements For Athletes

“Let food be your first medicine”: here is a very true sentence that is important to remember. Indeed, nutrition is the essential element to be monitored to ensure that the body is provided with everything it needs, especially in the event of sports practice, whether moderate or intense. Thus, as an athlete, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient and varied energy intake, whether in terms of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, or nutrients or supplement from SNAC for example.

However, it can be difficult to meet all the food needs alone. This is all the truer about sportsmen and women, especially high-level athletes or people who practice bodybuilding or weightlifting. The body’s energy needs are increased through intense and regular physical practice. This is where natural food supplements such as Vitalyze® come in, which can intelligently supplement the diet. They make it possible to fill the daily nutritional intake and make it possible to avoid possible deficiencies. In addition, they can be an interesting asset for recovery sports, improve performance and endurance during exercise, and avoid injuries.

Which Food Supplements To Choose?

There are several interesting products for sportsmen and women wishing to improve their performance and gain muscle mass.

First of all, protein powders: very popular with athletes, protein powders are generally made from milk protein (casein), or beef or egg. There are also vegetable protein powders based on soy, hemp, or peas. These products thus make it possible to increase the consumption of proteins without going through the diet, which can sometimes not cover the contributions necessary for the body. Protein powder makes it easy to supplement protein intake as a snack after or before exercise. Proteins also have the particularity of being very satiating and therefore provide an appetite-suppressant effect.

Other athletes are turning to creatine: Creatine supplementation can help increase muscle phosphocreatine content and thus improve exercise performance. The increase in the level of creatine in the body allows the renewal of ATP during intense exercise sessions and accelerates phosphocreatine synthesis after physical effort. Creatine also helps with water retention in the muscles, which increases muscle volume.

Consumed to maximize muscle growth, BCAA capsules can also be an interesting dietary supplement for bodybuilding: three of the nine essential amino acids for the body are known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).): leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs also help to reduce muscle pain after exercise and allow energy to be used more quickly. It is recommended to take them before training.

L-Carnitine is also regularly cited as the ideal product for sportsmen and women: it improves sports performance, provided that it is taken for at least 6 months. It would also be relevant to ensure the maintenance of bone health.

On the side of natural supplements, we can mention spirulina, a product known for its richness in protein and iron, which makes it an ideal supplement to increase its intake. It is appreciated for its toning and nourishing benefits. Spirulina helps to gain muscle mass, improves endurance, and facilitates recovery after training.

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