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Tips For Fast Recovery After A Circumcision

The surgical procedure where the foreskin of the penis is removed is called circumcision. It is one of the oldest surgeries performed, both for religious as well as medical purposes. Previously, people only did the surgery for cultural and religious purposes, but recent medical research has caused people to consider the surgery for medical reasons as well. 

Many people are intimidated by circumcision because of the nature of the procedure. However, you won’t feel any pain since the doctor uses local anesthesia. The recovery does not take long, but one must religiously follow the doctor’s instructions. To know more about the procedure, visit a Circumcision Urologist Brooklyn

Tips for fast recovery after a circumcision 

  • Wear tight underwear. 

While you may want to wear loose clothing to avoid pain and discomfort in the area, you should wear tight clothing to keep the penis in place. Loose clothing can interfere with the dressing and move it, which may cause pain. Make sure to wear underwear that is tight enough to keep the dressing in place but does not create too much pressure. 

  • Practice good hygiene and sanitation. 

Keep the area clean and dry. After a medical surgery, one of the most important things to take care of is the sanitation of the surgical area. Change the dressing on the penis as instructed by your doctor and follow other advice given by them. Some tips to follow are: 

  • Do not take a bath for a few hours after the surgery. 
  • Consider bathing two days later, but do not use soap or scrub in the area. 
  • Drink plenty of water. 

While it is recommended for everyone to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day, one should pay extra attention to their water intake after circumcision surgery. It is also advised to increase the intake of other liquids that reduce the acidity of urine, such as coconut water and other fruit juices. The acidity of urine can cause discomfort, so stay well hydrated. 

  • Avoid doing rigorous activities. 

Avoid doing any activities that put too much physical pressure on the lower part of your body. Refrain from exercising, lifting heavy objects, and running too fast. Doing too rigorous activities can cause soreness and swelling and increase the recovery time of the penis. 

It is recommended to avoid such activities for at least a week or two but consults with your doctor once before starting exercising again. A doctor can check the recovery progress of your penis and tell you if you are allowed to do certain activities.