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Tips to Stop Dandruff from Re-Appearing

For several people dandruff is a huge frustration. What makes dandruff more annoying is the truth that it returns immediately if you stop taking care of it. It is critical to comprehend the underlying reasons of dandruff to avoid it from returning.

What Causes Dandruff?

Malassezia globosa, a bacterium found naturally on everyone’s scalp, is the source of dandruff.  However, it only causes dandruff in about half of the population.

So, Malassezia globosa thrives upon sebum (oil), that keeps your scalp nourished. When sebum is broken down, oleic acid is produced consequently. One in every two persons is allergic to oleic acid, and their scalps get inflamed as a result. The scalp becomes irritated and itchy because of the inflammation. Your body sends a message to the brain to drop skin cells more frequently than expected to get rid of the irritation. This loss of skin cells is what enables noticeable flakes on the scalp to emerge, that frequently drop off over your shoulders. These flakes are dandruff.

Dandruff Treatment:

Many people wonder, “how to reduce dandruff?” and how to stop it from re-appearing?” and the simple answer is, dandruff is a persistent issue, a one-time solution will not be enough to get rid of it completely. You must follow a good hair care regime to have a healthy, dandruff-free scalp.

So, let’s discover some effective tips to avoid dandruff:

  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo:

You should understand that, if you are dealing with dandruff, you can’t use your regular shampoo and expect the dandruff to vanish. Even though your dandruff is cured, but there are chances that it can come back, hence you should use the right shampoo for dandruff  in your hair care routine to eliminate those flakes and prevent them from coming back. Try Head and Shoulders shampoo for dandruff. Even if you feel like switching shampoo sometimes, then they have wide range collection of shampoos and conditioners for you to choose. The whole range of shampoos are made of zinc pyrithione which has anti-bacterial properties to treat dandruff effectively and stop it from developing again, so whichever you use, your scalp will be protected from flakes.

  • Diet:

It is believed that poor food habits can also cause dandruff. Food high on carbs, sugars can often lead to accumulation of glycogen in the skin, that triggers the sebaceous glands, which leads to increase in oil generation on the skin. Hence, avoid eating the foods with high sugar or carbs level. Eat a balanced diet.

  • Do not scratch your scalp:

It is understandable that your scalp becomes very itchy when you are dealing with dandruff, but you should know that rubbing your scalp can only worsen your scalp condition. It will damage your hair follicles, which will lead to generation of more oil on your head. So, keep your fingers away from your scalp and hair.

  • Keep your scalp clean:

Maintaining a clean scalp is very important to keep dandruff issues at bay. Washing your hair twice a week with an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner will avoid excess production of oil on the scalp, keeping your hair dirt-free, healthy, and gorgeous.

  • Exfoliate your scalp:

Although it may appear like exfoliation of your scalp is unnecessary, it can effectively relieve extra product or oil residue which may be causing your dandruff to worsen.

If you’ve attempted these remedies and they haven’t worked, don’t give up. Rather, make an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss your options for assessment and solutions.