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Understand Why People Prefer The Iontophoresis Treatment

Suffering from Hyperhidrosis?

Everyone looks for the best solutions for various problems. Hyperhidrosis is also one of those conditions wherein you sweat heavily and bothers in different places of your body. The feet and hands are most affected by them. Iontophoresis is a treatment that provides the best way to solve such problems. It is a technique wherein they create ions from the water molecules and various soluble substances. They convert them using electrical charge into different polarized particles. It then forms electromagnetic gradients to allow the molecules to go into deeper layers of our skin. It is a non-invasive method to cure such problems.

Factors influencing the treatment of iontophoresis

Several aspects bring an influence on iontophoresis treatment. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The ions travel through the skin barriers to reach layers at the deep level. The outer surface of it will contact the skin’s microcirculation. Epithelial tissue basal membrane is the place where the skin segments ionized substance reaches. The body’s epithelium type will get the different configurations of such barriers. Therefore, the result you get in applying it on thin layers will be different from that of the thick layers.
  • The number of free hydrogen atoms in our skin tells us about the skin pH. It also affects such treatments. It also has an impact on transport. Therefore, the treatments will be successful based on the solution pH and skin pH difference. When there are extreme differences, people may face possible side effects. Skin burns and irritation are common among them. So, it is best to look out for it.
  • The skin is resistant to various osmotic movement of different substances within outer layers. The stratum corneum is the one that affects the most from it. The hair follicles and the sweat glands are responsible for creating electrically charged ions when they react to the electric current. Therefore, there is a massive chance of changes in sin absorption depending upon the electric potential.

A new and modern way of treatment

People are developing new and modern ways to treat hyperhidrosis. You will not find a fixed dose of the solution or the electric current that they recommend in these conditions. That is because they have to look into various factors that affect them. It will take time to show its results but is safe and effective. People find improvements in their conditions and convey that they feel satisfied with these treatments and their ends.