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What Are Ideal and Quick Snacks for Kids?

Snacks are tempting for kids and they prefer it over any other meal. They look forward to delicious snacks all the time. And hence, whipping up a healthy and nutritious snack that can keep them full for a long time is quite crucial. And while processed and packaged snacks are abundantly available in both the online and offline stores, nothing beats the freshness and taste of homemade easy evening snacks for kids.

Here we have brought you a large collection of snack recipes for kids that you can prepare during the weekends and store in a freezer. From easy and quick snacks made of bread to light evening snacks, check out the vast array of ideas given below and bookmark your favourite ones.

Tasty Indian Evening Snacks that Are Ready in Minutes

When thinking about healthy food recipes for kids, you can always include boiled eggs, flavoured yogurt, cheese, nuts, and fruits. They are perfect to serve during the evening hours and even though they are readily available, they are 100% healthy. Another excellent option that you try serving to your fussy toddler who doesn’t love chewing food is a milkshake. Milkshakes are loved by all children, given how refreshing they are.

Vegetarian Kid-Friendly Snacks That Are Everything but Boring

For vegetarian snacks, try baked veggie seekh kebabs. Seekh kebabs of all kinds are kid’s favourite, considering how they do not even realize that the seekh kebabs have all the veggies that they don’t like and that which you want them to eat. No wonder why vegetable seekh kebabs are the perfect way to incorporate vegetables in their diet plan.

High-On Nutrition Snacks for Evening Time

As a parent, you must always have your preference for foods that are low on sugar and non-fried. While you think snacks like this aren’t easily available, you can always give carrot cakes, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter a try.

Dry but Healthy Kid’s Snack Ideas

Dry evening snacks for kids are ideal for elongated road trips and when your kids are on their go or even on picnics. You can try snacks like laddoo made of oats, ragi peanut laddoo, or even sev. These dry snacks can be carried along when you are traveling with your kid and they don’t also create any mess when you pack them for tiffin.

Must-Try Snack for Kids That They Will Love to Eat

Pizza-Like Cheese Toast

This pizza-styled snack brings together the divine taste of molten hot cheese with tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion. This is one of the healthy evening snacks for kids that makes them consume a lot of veggies at once, but with a delicious taste.

Baked Potato Wedges

Rather than picking packets of French-fries from the supermarket, try and swap them with delicious baked potato wedges. Baked potato wedges are always a healthy alternative to your fries.

Fish Cutlet

Fish cutlets stand to none in terms of taste. Coated with bread crumbs, fish cutlets include spices, mashed potatoes, and fishes.

A few other healthy food recipes for kids that you can attempt at making are avocado fries, banana oatmeal cookies, date nuts laddoo, chia seed ladoo, egg bonda, oven-roasted chickpeas, cashew nut cookies, mango milkshake, sweet dosa, peanut chickoo, etc. All of these recipe tutorials are available on the internet and can be accessed at any time.