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What is a CT Scan? 

You all must have heard a doctor saying that a CT Scan is needed in this case to reach a diagnosis, and every time, you must have wondered why it is even necessary. In this post, you will learn about the basics of CT scans. You can check to find out what to expect in a CT scan.

Basics of Computer Tomography

Computerized Tomography scan in medical terms, uses computers and x-rays to view your body parts in cross-sections. It is a giant hollow cylindrical machine with a doughnut-shaped cavity in which your body goes, around which the x-ray head rotates. It signals the computer to produce various thin slices of images of your body parts on the computer. Thus, creating clear and detailed pictures of your affected body part for a definite diagnosis by the doctor.

CT Scan with Contrast

It is also a type of CT Scan in which a contrast material or dye is used to highlight a clearer image of specific tissues. The medical practitioner either asks you to drink the contrast material or injects that into your body.NO; it is not harmful to your body, and most of the time, it is passed in urine in 24 hours.

Preparations for a CT Scan

There’s nothing much you have to do. Follow simple instructions your doctor gives you before a CT Scan, like coming early for the test, not eating or drinking anything for 4 hours before the test, taking your regular medications, if any, and wearing comfortable clothes without zippers and metals. In the case of a contrast CT Scan, some blood is also required before the test. In case of allergy to the contrast agent, anti-allergic medications are also prescribed.

Need for a CT Scan

As pointed out earlier, it is used to diagnose diseases, but that is not the sole purpose. It is used to locate infections, bone fractures, muscle problems. Even in the case of cancer, tumor size, location, severity is also determined. The effectiveness of treatments for heart diseases and cancer are monitored too. See, that’s why it’s so helpful!


It’s not that every patient requires CT Scan, but it’s a boon for many patients. Though you may think that it is costly, its benefits overweigh its expense. So, if your doctor asks you to get a CT done, don’t ignore his advice.