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What to Look for in a Good Doctor

Selecting a physician may seem like an uphill task, especially now that incompetency cases in the healthcare industry are on the rise. Besides, health challenges have also increased and therefore require the attention of a qualified physician.

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Most people find challenges selecting the right doctor, especially after relocating to a new place. First, you can ask for recommendations from neighbors and co-workers or even relatives. However, it may limit your choices to a section of plan-approved health physicians if you have an insurance plan.

Alternatively, it may provide financial incentives for you to rely on plan-affiliated physicians. But if you’ve switched your jobs, you may have to select either of the health plans as presented by your boss. In such a case, you should first choose your preferred specialists and then opt for a health plan that allows you to visit your selected doctors.

Your choice of doctor will depend on the type of doctor you need. With most healthcare plans, you may have to select a primary care specialist with in-depth knowledge about your specific health needs.

2 Types of Doctors

There are two categories of doctors. They include;

  • Primary care doctors- this a group of doctors who attend to routine ailments like flu, cold and regular checkups.
  • Specialists; these are doctors sought for special procedure services such as chronic diseases or colonoscopy. These doctors undergo special training in a particular field. For a doctor to be termed as a specialist, they must pass the competency exam in their specialization field.

Tips on How to Select the Right Doctor

Aside from what we’ve covered, there are other things you should consider when selecting the right doctor. They include the following;

The location of the doctor

It’s important to consider where your preferred doctor lives. Select a doctor whose location is easy to access. You should be able to reach them without struggling. Furthermore, seek to know whether there is ample parking space to avoid parking problems.

Consider the state of hospitals that the doctors use.

Doctors move from one hospital to the other. Once you know the hospitals that the doctor uses, you can evaluate their kind of service to see if they match your expectations. Also, you’ll use that opportunity to check whether your insurance covers those hospitals.

Where do they perform lab tests and routine X-rays?

Some doctors will perform routine X-rays in an office. With such a doctor, you may have to seek outside lab tests. This approach isn’t convenient. It’s good to select a doctor who operates in a fully equipped hospital where all services all easily accessible.


No matter how good a doctor is, they may not be the best if they aren’t available. The best doctor must create time to attend to you. The availability of a doctor is determined by how long you have to wait after booking an appointment. If a doctor is too busy to attend to you, that’s a red flag, as things may get worse in case of an emergency.

How courteous or friendly is the support staff

In all hospital settings, there is support staff. You’ll need them to access the doctor. You can seek services from a doctor with an excellent and supportive team. That’s an assurance that you’ll get quality health services.

How knowledgeable is the doctor?

A doctor with in-depth knowledge about your condition will offer quality services. That’s because they understand what you are going through. Furthermore, with their advanced skills, they’ll know how to handle your case for effective results.

Does the doctor have representatives?

Supposing the doctor isn’t available, do they have representatives who can stand in for them? If not, you can proceed with your search. A doctor with representatives is better since you can rest assured that you’ll get help whenever you need it regardless of the time.

Does the office or the hospital process financial claims?

Some hospitals process financial claims, while others require you to pay up-front fees and later file the claims yourself. The best is one that processes financial requests without you having to pay any up-front fees.

Are they registered?

The right doctor must adhere to health guidelines and regulations. For one to be registered as a qualified doctor, they must meet stringent health professional requirements. Only then can you trust them with your health. Note that today, several unqualified doctors have increased intending to exploit naïve patients. Always be on the lookout to avoid becoming prey.