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Why Choose On-Site Drug Testing?

Employee drug testing isn’t the most exciting activity. Nonetheless, it is essential as you strive to maintain safety and keep your team productive. Traditionally, the process required employees to commute to a lab or collecting samples and sending them. Today, it is different; you can go for onsite drug testing. This entails a mobile lab set in your premises, handling all the necessary drug tests. Online drug testing popularity keeps skyrocketing, owing to the many benefits delivered. With a reliable and reputable onsite drug testing service, you stand to realize advantages including;


Commuting to the nearest or go-to lab means taking some time off the schedule. You can’t ask employees to commute during their free time, as it’ll only cause more problems. Taking time off to facilitate drug testing has been among the most frustrating experiences that have seen some organizations fail to maintain random and enough procedures to ensure a drug-free work environment. With onsite drug testing, the process won’t require your employees to take considerable time off. The facilities are set in your work premises. Within a short period, an employee can walk in, have their samples collected, and get back to work.


Reimbursing your employees after taking a drug test digs deeper into your finances. This is not to mention the lowered productivity during the period. The time used to commute means that productivity is affected. Employees could spend the whole day off, a concern that affects job flow. It worsens if the tests can’t be completed in a day, forcing more time off the schedule. Lost time, reimbursements, and potential losses in income are costs that can affect your profitability. After doing it a few times in a year and you’ll feel the impact on your operations. This is a significant concern that affects your efforts to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Onsite drug testing eliminates such costs and inconveniences. The lab is on your premises, and the tests can be run throughout the team within a short period. No reimbursements are needed, and neither will the employees leave your property, taking considerable time off their posts. This enhances productivity while ensuring that you don’t incur additional costs, improving your profitability.

Accurate results

Drug tests cheating is a lot common than you might anticipate. Employees will go to great heights to ensure they return clean results. You’ve probably seen it; people buying test samples. Others utilize hacks to ensure that the samples are diluted, such as drinking lots of water. Onsite drug testing eliminates such possibilities. They won’t stop along the way or have enough time to jeopardize the test. This ensures that you get accurate results, helping to ensure that your workplace is drug-free and safe.

Drugs can affect your operations. If your employees show up intoxicated, their productivity takes a blow. They also put others at risk. For instance, if you operate in the construction field or your operations include the use of machinery, an intoxicated employee exposes the rest of the team to a range of risks. Accidents leading to significant injuries could mull your operations, stressing the need to conduct random drug tests to caution against such occurrences. With onsite drug testing, you can conveniently, cost-effectively, and productively maintain a drug-free environment, keeping your team at its best.